About Us

Texas Land Developers Association is dedicated to protecting the real estate development industryWe are a statewide trade organization and political lobby providing a unified voice to lawmakers while promoting integrity in the industry.

We work hard to influence proposed legislation to ensure the laws effecting development across Texas are fair and equitable for the development industry.

Serve as your “voice” to educate and inform elected officials about our industry

Alert members to the negative impact that proposed legislation may have on our business and and work diligently to minimize negative impacts.

Work with local officials involved in regulating development and with state representatives to insure a voice in changing regulations involving land use, development and property rights.

Maintain an active advocacy role in our state captiol of Austin to draft legislation in an attempt to enhance and protect our industry.

Participate in “interim” year-round legislative activities and numerous other aspects of the political process.


Founded in 1995 as the Valley Association for Quality Development, the Texas Land Developers Association consists of  landowners, developers, real estate investors and owners across Texas.

Recent legislative changes have resulted in more onerous compliance rules and regulations increasing our legal liability and cost of doing business. We are bound by the laws related to owner-financing of property, and by the statutes that regulate the development of land into rural and suburban subdivisions, complete with all of the usual engineering and infrastructure hurdles.

Member Benefits

  • The opportunity to provide input to initiatives seeking reforms and constructive changes in commercial real estate and property development.
  • Information monitoring and communication with state agencies regarding the issues critical to our members interests.
  • An e-newsletter and website providing updates on current events and developing issues.
  • Staff in Austin with access to elected officials, state agency principals, and allied others to help advance TLDA initiatives.
  • An experienced staff and organization members with research resources to glean updated information on key issues.
  • Regular membership meetings hosting local elected officials and state representatives as speakers to discuss relevant issues and give members a “voice”.