About Us

Texas Land Developers’ Association is dedicated to protecting the real estate development industry – from raw land to loan originating and servicing, to seller financing and all facets in between.  We are a statewide trade organization providing necessary information to comply with state and federal regulations and providing a unified voice to lawmakers, promoting the industry and paving the way to do business.

The political process never stops.  You can’t always be there to stop ‘bad’ legislation.  But, as an individual you do have a voice, and as a member of the Association, you can be heard!  Recent legislative changes have resulted in more onerous compliance rules and regulations increasing your legal liability and cost of doing business.

But we are much more than a political organization.  We’ve become a member education organization, providing ongoing education and documentation to help you keep current and assist in helping you comply with new and ever-changing state and federal laws and regulations.  We are committed to providing information regarding compliance and changes in the regulations that apply to our industry.

But we cannot do it without your help.  Our members are the backbone of our organization, and our success is directly related to your involvement.  Each day, you provide homes for fellow Texans.  You open doors of opportunity that were previously closed.  You create homeowners out of hard workers.  The Texas Land Developers are making a difference in the lives of so many; yet there are so many more whose lives we can positively touch, through our legislative advocacy and influence with policymakers and regulators.


Our association consists of like-minded landowners who are the first line developers in rural and suburban Texas.  To be clear, a significant part of our target market consumers are buyers that want to take advantage of minimally developed areas, where they can enjoy lower taxes and the ability to realize their dream of homeownership on a timeline that fits their specific financial situation.  Our landowner developers often owner-finance the lots that they sell because the consumers we serve have intermittent work history, damaged credit, or limited income potential.

Our land developer business is bounded, on one hand, by the laws related to owner-financing of property, and on the other hand by the statutes that regulate the development of rural property into rural and suburban subdivisions, complete with all of the usual utilities and transportation infrastructure.

The Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending (TDSML) is the agency that oversees the sale and financing of these subdivision lots.  Going back to 2008, in conjunction with the passage of the Texas SAFE Act, the prior TDSML Commissioner set up a system that allows land developer to owner-finance property (without homes) using licensed residential mortgage loan originators (RMLOs).  RMLOs are licensed by the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending and registered in the National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry.  The current TDSML Commissioner has reviewed that policy and continued allowing land developers to use RMLOs for the sale of land that do not contain houses.  Those decisions protect the public without forcing our members into a costly and burdensome regulatory scheme that would marginalize lower income Texans.

What We Do

  • We work hard to oppose proposed legislation that may increase your cost of doing business and/or expand your legal liability and exposure
  • Serve as your “voice” to educate and inform elected officials about our industry and the negative impact that proposed legislation may have on our industry
  • Work with local officials involved in regulating development and with local elected officials to have a voice in changing regulations involving residential land development.
  • Monitor state agencies’ changing regulations regarding their governance over our business models
  • Maintain an active advocacy role in Austin and draft legislation in an attempt to enhance and protect our industry
  • Participate in “interim” year-round legislative activities and numerous other aspects of the political process
  • Host local elected officials and state representatives as speakers at member meetings to discuss relevant issues and give members a “voice”
  • Developed a relationship with the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending to facilitate communications regarding legislative changes
  • Seeking answers from the TDSML, attorneys and other consultants to questions regarding new rules, regulations, responsibilities, requirements, forms, procedures, compliance standards, and audits that impact our current business models and impact our economic success
  • Provide assistance and resource information with RMLO licensing, audits, and Servicer registration requirements
  • Facilitate education seminars to meet RMLO Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education requirements