Krys Ruppert Weyand - Bio

Krys Ruppert Weyand
COO Santa Cruz Properties, LTD
Working as COO for our family owned and operated real estate development company, Santa Cruz Properties, I have found joy among challenges.  Santa Cruz Properties was started in the early 1990's by my father Richard Ruppert.  I have the incredible blessing of working closely with my family.  We take raw land and put in all of the infrastructure to create a residential subdivision.  We offer a unique financing package to customers to help make their dreams come true.
I have spent the past five years organizing projects to be developed, creating a servicing company and building relationships with people who help facilitate a successful flow throughout our business.
My passions include yoga, horseback riding and making sure to provide a stable and prosperous working environment for my team.  I absolutely love working with my family and team, without the support of those around me none of what we do would be possible.


Krys Ruppert Weyand