Texas Lyceum: Economic Recovery Forum

The Texas Lyceum recently hosted an online economic recovery forum on Texas and COVID-19.  Click to watch Dale Craymer, President, Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, LLC; Linda McMahon, President and CEO, The Real Estate Council; Alex Meade, Senior Vice President, Texas Regional … Read More

Keeping Texas Moving

For the last decade, Texas has been a job-creating machine. In fact, in that period, jobs have grown twice as fast here as in the rest of the nation. When Governor Greg Abbott announced in January that Texas Business Facilities … Read More

Land Development 101

Many of our members are seasoned developers, but there may be some who are just starting out.  Land Development 101 has proven to be a great resource for those interested in or just entering this industry.   Here’s a post … Read More

Latest Kiplinger Tax Reports

Check out the January and February Kiplinger Tax Reports below. Kiplinger Tax Letter 2020-02-21 – Vol. 95, No._04 Kiplinger Tax Letter 2020-01-10 – Vol. 95, No._01_special Kiplinger Tax Letter 2020-01-24 – Vol. 95, No._02 Kiplinger Tax Letter 2020-02-07 – Vol. … Read More

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